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Perusahaan Jaksa Bersatu Sdn Bhd (PJB)

Perusahaan Jaksa Bersatu Sdn Bhd was incorporated in April 1985 and commenced operation since then. In 1989, the company was honored to obtain the Sole Distributorship of ARPOL Petroleum Products from US, a Company which was established in 1947.

PJB as a Exclusive Sole Distributor for ARPOL Petroleum Company, USA.

ARPOL is recognized throughout the world as a leading supplier of high performance and hard-to find synthetic lubricants, oil, adhesives, paints, solvent, chemicals, greases and other fluids.

Military engineers and technicians rely on ARPOL products to ensure that their equipment perform at optimum levels despite heavy wear, thermal fluctuations and the environmental and material stresses of supersonic speed, high altitude, desert or open-sea operations.

In the private sector, ARPOL’s cleaning compounds, hydraulic fluid and cutting, transformer and compressor oils have proven indispensable for specialized applications ranging from finely calibrated movement to heavy-duty mechanism.

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